Wednesday, November 28, 2012

49Ners Resign all pro linebacker

49ners resign All Pro Linebacker Navarro Bowman to a 5 year contract extension that will run to 2018 that will pay him 45.25 million dollars and 25.5 million guaranteed. The 49ners resurgence from doormat team to contender started with the help of a great defense that features stars like Patrick Willis Aldon & Justin Smith Navarro Bowman and Dashon Goldson. Bowman is one of the best inside Lb.’s in all of football and only his team mate Patrick Willis can make a claim that he is a better linebacker than Bowman. The 49ners now will have the best LB unit in the NFL locked up for at least the next 5 years. Bowman’s contract and Colin Kapernick emergence means Alex Smith will probably not be back as I think the 49ners will cut him so they can use that money to give Dashon Goldson a contract extension.

Friday, November 9, 2012

"Dream Team"

What went wrong?
"We a Dream Team"
"We got Nmandi"
"We the team to beat"
Those were statements sad by eagle player’s fans and most fans and the media just 1 year ago after Monday night loss the "Dream Team" was 11-13 over the last year, so what went wrong. It’s plenty of blame to go around with why this team has underachieved so far.

 Nmandi he was known to as a shutdown corner who took away the side of the field, and qbs didn't dare to throw at him...well that's before he became an eagle. Nmandi's has gotten thrown on beat for long tds sloppy tackling and hasn't been anything near a number 1 corner in his stay at Philly.

 Just 2 years ago it looked like Mike Vick was starting to realize his enormous potential and the Eagles rewarded him with a 100 million dollar contract and it’s been average qb play by Vick since, while its not been all his fault terrible offensive line play questionable play calling receivers not getting open a lot of his struggles has his been his fault though still struggles to read defenses holds the ball too long turns the ball over a lot and he hasn't made Jackson and Maclin better receivers as they are still pretty much the same players from 2 years ago.

 Andy Reid has been the Eagles coach for a long time and has been very successful but his play calling personal decisions over the last 2 years have left a lot to be desired. Making an offensive line Coach Juan Castillo be the defensive coordinator his use or lack there o use of the Eagles best offensive player Lesean McCoy. The Eagles have a talented roster but they simply have looked out coached too many times over the last 2 years. Media Pressure the eagles were crowned as the unanimous kings of the NFC east and a super bowl favorite before the even playing a game and fans and players seemed to feed into their own hype.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

All Midseason team

All Defense
DE J.J Watt leads the NFL in sacks and is known for batting down passes
DT Geno Atkins the best interior pass rusher in the NFL
DT Randy Starks clogs the middle for one of the best run defenses in football
DE Jpp is great at stopping the run while still being a great pass rusher
3-4 LB Clay Matthews is 2nd in the NFL in sacks
3-4 LB Demarcus Ware Gets double teamed all the time and still gets to the qb
Inside LB Patrick Willis the best LB in football can cover stop the run and get sacks
Inside Lb. Navarro Bowman might be just as good as Willis and an even more ferocious hitter
Outside Linebacker Lance Briggs He seems to get better with age still a turnover machine for the best defense in the NFL
Cornerback Charles Tillman has taken Revis place since he is hurt as the best corner in the NFL can play man to man zone and forces fumbles and gets interceptions
Cornerback Richard Sherman Big physical corner is the best corner on one of the best pass defenses in football
Free Safety Dashon Goldson is the best player in the 49ners secondary a intimidating hitter and has good range
Strong Safety Kam Chancellor might be the most physical safety in football is known for leaving punishing hits to receivers when they come across the middle
All Offense
Qb Matt Ryan has been playing at a MVP level and is the qb of the only undefeated team in the NFL
RB Adrian Peterson less than a year removed from acl surgery and he leads the NFL in rushing
TE Rob Gronk The best tight end in football has 7 tds to go along with being a great blocker
WR A.J Green No Sophomore slump for Green he leads the NFL in receiving tds
WR Victor Cruz Has 7 tds and has made many big plays erased all doubts about him being a 1 year wonder
Slot Wr Percy Harvin the Do it all Harvin leads all receivers in yac
LT Duane Brown it’s going on 2 years since he has allowed a sack
LG Carl Nicks was playing at an all pro level and leading the blocks for Doug Martin before he got injured
RG Marshal Yanda the lead blocker for the ravens run game
C John Sullivan Has outplayed Pouncy and Mangold so for this year
RT Joe Thomas though not a right tackle he has been too good to leave off the list