Friday, November 9, 2012

"Dream Team"

What went wrong?
"We a Dream Team"
"We got Nmandi"
"We the team to beat"
Those were statements sad by eagle player’s fans and most fans and the media just 1 year ago after Monday night loss the "Dream Team" was 11-13 over the last year, so what went wrong. It’s plenty of blame to go around with why this team has underachieved so far.

 Nmandi he was known to as a shutdown corner who took away the side of the field, and qbs didn't dare to throw at him...well that's before he became an eagle. Nmandi's has gotten thrown on beat for long tds sloppy tackling and hasn't been anything near a number 1 corner in his stay at Philly.

 Just 2 years ago it looked like Mike Vick was starting to realize his enormous potential and the Eagles rewarded him with a 100 million dollar contract and it’s been average qb play by Vick since, while its not been all his fault terrible offensive line play questionable play calling receivers not getting open a lot of his struggles has his been his fault though still struggles to read defenses holds the ball too long turns the ball over a lot and he hasn't made Jackson and Maclin better receivers as they are still pretty much the same players from 2 years ago.

 Andy Reid has been the Eagles coach for a long time and has been very successful but his play calling personal decisions over the last 2 years have left a lot to be desired. Making an offensive line Coach Juan Castillo be the defensive coordinator his use or lack there o use of the Eagles best offensive player Lesean McCoy. The Eagles have a talented roster but they simply have looked out coached too many times over the last 2 years. Media Pressure the eagles were crowned as the unanimous kings of the NFC east and a super bowl favorite before the even playing a game and fans and players seemed to feed into their own hype.

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