Monday, October 1, 2012

Top 25 players in the NBA

14 Chris Bosh - Nobody on the big 3 sacrificed stats more than bosh did now he is a NBA champion, great perimeter shooter for a big man and is very athletic and is a good rebounder.

13 Pau Gasol - The most skilled big man in basketball has a wide variety of post moves can pass rebound he always has been a finesse player and has done great over the years being Kobe's sidekick is sometimes too passive and differs too often.

12 Russell Westbrook - Might be the most explosive player in the league gets to the line whenever he wants too is a good rebounder for a point guard still at times he looks out of control.

11 Carmelo Anthony- Arguably the most talented offensive player in the NBA can score in the paint has mid-range game is good and even has 3 point range, but he still shows little effort on the defensive of the ball and isn't a good rebounder and has only got out of the first round once.

10 Deron Williams - Might be the most complete pg in the league is big and strong while still being able to get in the lane at will sets up his team mates and also a good rebounding guard.

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