Monday, October 1, 2012

Top 25 players in the Nba

9 D Rose- The 2011 Mvp had an injury plagued season in 2012 which ended with him tearing his ACL, but when healthy he is just as explosive as Westbrook with a better basketball iq hopefully for Bulls fans and all NBA fans he fully recovers and returns to his old form
8 Dirk -Dirk is getting up there in age but he still UN guardable great shooter who can also dominate in the paint and is still a good rebounder.
7 Rajon Rondo - Rondo has gotten a rep of only being good because of the big 3 but as the big 3 got older it was Rondo who was easily the best player on the team equipped with great vision great passing skills he is able to get a lot of assists and he also can rebound as he was one of the leaders in triple doubles last year.
6 Dwade- Wade I still an elite player even though at times he looked like he lost a step or was injured, Wade showed up when the Heat needed him to and showed off his  first step and fearless aggressiveness that he is known for.
5 Kobe Bryant- Whispers around the league where saying Kobe was done and he didn't have it anymore all he did was average 27 ppg he doesn't have the same athleticism or explosiveness but he uses his high basketball iq to pull off impossible shots and he is also a good post scorer for a guard how will he respond to being the best player on his team now that Dwight is in LA.
4 Chris Paul -The best pg in NBA has leadership great speed great basketball IQ toughness and is a good shooter is the total package, he helped a young clippers team win a playoff series and turned them into one of the most exciting teams in the NBA.
3 Dwight Howard- The best big man in the NBA dominate defensive player and good for 20 and at least 13 rebounds a night a ugly divorce from the magic got him to LA how quickly will his surgically back heal and can he live up to The pressure he will face in LA.
2 Kevin Durant -Durant is the best offensive player in Basketball he has unlimited range can attack the basket at will has gotten better every year since he has been in the league I wouldn't surprise me if he wins the mvp this year.
1 LeBron James - The best player in basketball finally got the only thing missing in his already hall of fame career by winning his first NBA championship LeBron has an unmatched combination of strength and athleticism and is a good rebounder and a great passer his jump shot has improved its nothing he can't do on the court.

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