Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lakers shouldn't go after Brandon Jennings

 Lakers should not go after Brandon Jennings
The Lakers need to get younger faster and more athletic especially on the perimeter but going after free agent to be Brandon Jennings isn’t the answer. Jennings is from California so I’m sure he would be very interested in coming back  home to play for the Lakers, but the Lakers shouldn’t go after him while Jennings is an extremely fast explosive scorer evidence by his career high 55 points as an rookie he wouldn’t be a good fit in LA. Jennings is an 2 guard in a pg. body he is a high volume shooter career fg percentage around 40% and isn’t an pass first pg. 6.5 apg is his career high, while signing Jennings would look like a nice splash name wise it wouldn’t be wise in a basketball sense.

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