Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Top 10 wrs in the NFL heading into the 2013 season

Top 10 WRs in the NFL

1 Calvin Johnson –Megatron is the physical freak of the NFL with great size speed and leaping ability he broke Jerry Rice single season receiving yard record and finished the year with 1,964 yards Calvin is by far the best wr in the NFL.

2 Andre Johnson – There was questions if Johnson was the same player and if the injuries made him a shell of his former self he silenced all of those critics by having the best year of his career catching 112 passes and having 1,598 receiving yards Johnson is one of the best route runners in the league and has great hands.

3 A.J Green- Green is an tremendous wr the second year player has already put himself with the leagues best is an very good route runner and is great at the jump ball and with more talent being surrounded by him Green should get even better.

4 Larry Fitzgerald- Larry Fitz had one of the worst season of his career but mostly due to horrendous qb play Larry still has the best set of hands in football an should have a great rebound season.

5 Brandon Marshall- Marshall united with Jay Cutler again and turned back into an top 5 wr 118 catches 1,508 and 11 tds Marshall is one of the most physical wrs in the NFL and almost impossible to take down with arm tackles as Cutlers favorite target Marshall should continue to produce great numbers.

6 Roddy White- White cut down on his drops and became a better blocker an had one of his best years 92 catches 1,361 yards even though Julio is the more talented wr White is for now still the better player and the Falcons number 1 option.

7 Julio Jones- In terms of physical ability only Calvin Johnson can rival Jones size 6-3 220 to go with his 4.3 speed Jones showed in the NFC Championship game how dominant he can be and he has improved his route running won’t be surprised if Jones Overtakes White this year as the Falcons best wr.

8 Vincent Jackson –Vincent Jackson first season with the Bucs was a career year for him lead the NFL in yards per catch with and finished the year with 72 catches 1,384 yards and 8 tds Jackson is a big wr who has speed and one of the best at getting the ball at it’s highest point.

9 Hakeem Nicks- Nicks had an injury plagued year with his foot and then his knee nicks Is one of the top wrs in the NFL who when healthy is an great route runner with bear paws for hands while Cruz gets the headline Nicks is by far the best wr for the Giants.

10 A Demaryius Thomas Thomas had a breakout year with future hall of famer Peyton Manning throwing him passes finishing with career highs 94 catches 1,434 yards and 10 tds Thomas is a big physical wr who has great straight line speed to go with great explosiveness with the help of Peyton Demariyus will easily climb the list of best wrs in the NFL.

10 B Dez Bryant-We have heard of Dez potential since he came into the NFL and only have seen flashes of it but the last 8 games of the season Dez was a monster and started showing off the play making skills of another Dallas Wr who wore #88 In the 90’s Dez is a physical wr who is very good after the catch and good at jump balls his route running is still suspect but if the last 8 games was a sign Dez is here to stay.

Just missed the cut Reggie Wayne Percy Harvin Dwayne Bowe Victor Cruz Mike Wallace Randall Cobb

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  1. Andre is not the second best wr in league right now. I would put fitzgerald and even AJ Green over him.. Also Roddy White is not a better WR the Julio Jones.