Monday, May 6, 2013

Who is Next for Floyd

Who is next for Floyd?

After a year away from the ring the pound for pound number 1 fighter Floyd Mayweather made his return to the ring and dominated Robert Guerrero for 12 rounds to win a unanimous decision victory. Floyd showed no rust in the ring as he used his amazing speed and elusiveness to dodge every punch Guerrero threw and Floyd used his amazing hand speed to tag Guerro throughout the entire fight so the question is who will Floyd fight on September 12 here are some potential  opponents

1 Canel Alvarez 42-0-1 32 KO’s

Canelo Alvarez the WBC Light Middle weight has been put on the center stage recently as the newest guy who people think can beat Floyd Canelo is a young aggressive fighter who has power and is coming off an impressive win over Austin Trout but Canelo is also scheduled to fight on September 12th a Canelo vs. Floyd is the fight most boxing fans want to see.

2 Amir Khan 28-3 19 KO’s

Just a few years ago Khan was thought as boxing’s next superstar a couple losses later and Khan isn’t looked at in the same way but he is still an extremely talented fighter who has been running his mouth about Floyd for quite some time so if the fight did happen the promo leading up to the fight could be filled with legendary trash talk.

3Manny Pacquiao 54-5-2 38 KO’s

The mega fight that all of boxing world wanted a few years ago has lost some of its luster especially after Pacquiao’s brutal knockout loss to Juan Manuel Marquez but this fight would still be a big time box office draw between the 2 biggest boxing stars of this era.

4 Juan Manuel Marquez 55-6-1 40 KO’s

Juan Manuel Marquez and Floyd fought in 2009 and Floyd dominated the fight but coming off that huge knock out win over Manny maybe Juan would like to get revenge against Floyd.

5 Miguel Cotto 37-4 30 KO’s

Cotto and Floyd fought an entertaining fight which Cotto landed a few hard punches on Floyd and looked impressive in defeat Cotto lost his last fight to Austin Trout but Cotto is still a big name who did enough in the first fight with Floyd to make a potential rematch seem interesting.

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