Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Top outside 3-4 Linebackers heading into 2012

Best Outside 3-4 Linebackers heading into 2012

1 Demarcus Ware The best pass rusher in the NFL and probably the best defensive player in the NFL had another amazing season and with the cowboys improving their secondary means more time qbs have to hold the ball which could mean Demarcus could break Strahans Sack record

2 Tamba Hali Hali isn't a big name to the general public but all opposing offense know who he his this explosive pass rusher has been one of the leagues best over the last 3 years

3 Clay Matthews Sack numbers went down as Green bays entire defense played terrible in 2011 but he improved his coverage skills and I expect Matthews to get back to his all pro level this year.

4 Von Miller the defensive rookie of the year was a force his rookie year with a amazing first step he should only get better as a player this season.

5 Lamar Woodley. James Harrison is the more known teammate but Woodley has become the Pittsburgh construction workers best pass rusher if Woodley stays healthy he could get higher on this list.

6 James Harrison Probably the most intimidating defensive player in the NFL known for his late and sometimes dirty hits he is still is a great player his motor continues to let him be a great player as father time comes near him.

7 Brian Orakpo The 2 time Pro Bowler has been a very good player becoming a good pass rusher as well as a good run stopper he has the physical tools to be in the top 3

8 Lance Briggs Chicago Care Bears Briggs is one of the Best 3-4 Linebackers heading into 2012 Smaller 3-4 outside linebackers but his speed and athleticism and reaction skills make up for it he has replaced Urlacher as the best linebacker on the bears.

9 Aldon Smith had 14 sacks as a primary pass rushing specialist on the talented 49ner defense he is expected to start this year as he improves he should be a top 5 player at his position in no time

10 Conor Barwin Barwin had a career high 11 and a half sacks last year on this loaded Texans defense he should get more opportunities to get sacks

Also in consideration Sean Lee Ryan Kerrigan

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