Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Top Ten Tightends heading into the 2012 season

Top Ten NFL tight ends heading into the 2012 Season

1 Rob Gronkowski Gronk had the greatest season a tight end has ever had with 18 tds and over 1300 yards receiving he can Catch run past Linebackers out leap and muscle safeties and dance with his shirt off after super bowl losses loll at only 23 we still might have not seen the best of Gronk

2 Jimmy Graham is 6-7 with wr speed trapped in a tight end body he makes acrobatic catches look easy and with Drew Brees throwing him the ball we expect him to continue to improve

3 Vernon Davis One of the most athletic players in the NFL Davis is faster than most NFL wide outs if he had a good qb he could probably put up gronk and graham type of numbers still he is a big time player

4 Jason Witten still is an elite player and very consistent hasn’t caught fewer than 79 catches the last 5 years and is Romos favorite target.

5 Aaron Hernandez He isn’t even the best Tight end on his team but. Hernandez is still a great player who lines up at wr and in the backfield and is a nightmare match up for any team to guard against.

6 Antonio Gates Injuries have slow Gates down the last few season but reports are that he is fully healthy now if so he still a great pass catching tight end.

7 Jermichael Finley Has the talent and the qb to help him get into the conversation of Elite Tight ends in the game but he seems to lose focus in games and has suspect hands at times.

8 Tony Gonzalez the greatest tight end in NFL history still plays at a high level despite 15 years in the game is still a great. Red zone threat.

9 Jermaine Gresham made the Pro bowl and should blossom with the young nucleus of talent the bungles are trying to put together

10 Brandon Pettigrew caught 83 catches last year and is a good blocking tight end that is becoming a better pass catcher
Also under consideration Jared Cook Owen Daniels Fred Davis

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