Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bears vs Cowboys Preview

Chicago Bears at Cowboys

The Bears and Cowboys both come off home wins the bears beat the Rams and the Cowboys got a physical win at home against the Bucs.

Key Match ups
Julius Peppers vs. Tyrone Smith
The Cowboys offensive line has been awful so far even the Cowboys best olinemen left tackle Tyrone Smith has had his struggles and now he has to try and block Julius Peppers. Peppers is one of the best defensive ends in the NFL and he has gotten off to a good start this year and with the way the Cowboys have been blocking Peppers could be in the backfield all game long.

Brandon Marshall vs. Brandon Carr
The Cowboys signed Carr to help their secondary and he has done that so far limiting big play wrs Victor Cruz and Vincent Jackson so far this season. Marshall is one of the biggest and most physical wr's in the NFL so it will be interesting to see how Carr’s Press coverage will work on him. Marshall is Cutler's favorite target so Carr will get tested yet again this should be a fun match up to watch.

J’Marcus Webb vs. Demarcus Ware
Webb got destroyed by Clay Matthews 2 weeks ago now he will have to face the best 3-4 LB in the NFL in Demarcus Ware good luck. Ware has been his usually dominant self so far this season and Webb will be outmatched whenever the bears let him try to block Ware 1 on 1. Even if they double Ware which I know they will I can still see him getting at least 2 sacks.

Key Match ups

Sean Lee vs. Matt Forte
Sean Lee is becoming one of the best linebackers in the league he is a sure tackle and good in coverage and forces fumbles. Matt Forte is one of the most complete running backs in the league can run up the middle and on the outside and is a reliable receiver, Lee and Bruce Carter are going to be the Lb.’s who will have to stop Forte if he gets past the Cowboys front 4.

Miles Austin vs. Charles Tillman
With all the hype Dez Bryant gets Miles Austin is still Romo's favorite wide out. Charles Tillman I one of the more underrated corners in the NFL and has a knack for causing fumbles and he will most likely be the one who will cover Austin.

Brian Urlacher vs. Demarco Murray
Murray had a great opening night but hasn't been as great the last few games and even at his advanced age Urlacher is still one of the best line backers in the NFL at stopping the run. Murray gets a lot of yards after contact but Urlacher and Briggs are sure tacklers so once they wrap him up he most likely won't be able to get extra yardage.

Summary both teams defense have played good so far and both teams have terrible offensive lines with erratic qb's with Forte coming back Bears 21 Cowboys 17

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