Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Game Of The Season

Recap Cowboys 24 Giants 17
First game of the NFL Season and the Cowboys came out on top in the super bowl champion’s house. Tony Romo did what good quarterbacks do and took advantage of the patch work giants secondary and threw 3 tds and 2 of the 3 to third wr Kevin Ogletree. The Giants looked like the week 15 of last year Giants dropped passes by Cruz Oline couldn’t create holes to run and a fumble by the rookie David Wilson. The Cowboys new secondary of Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne did a good job of staying with Nicks and Cruz, drops by Cruz and the lack of play calls to Nicks did help. Demarco Murray ran hard in second half especially up the gut where the giants are thin at the defensive tackle spot. Eli was solid but shaky Oline play especially David Diehl and questionable at best play calling by Kill Drive and crucial drops by Cruz and Bennett. Corey Webster played his worst game since 07 didn’t press anybody on the line the entire game and got burned by ogletree on a long td catch. 
What’s next the Cowboys go on to play the Seahawks who might have the best secondary in the NFL. The Cowboys front 7 looks good and their secondary looks improved there are still questions about this offensive line. What’s next for the Giants they get another week to try and get healthy and hope for the return of Prince and Marvin Austin to provide depth in the secondary and depth at the Defensive tackle spot? The Giants play the Bucs next and will be angry Corey Webster has proven himself to be a good corner so he should bounce back but the Giants can’t have their 5th and 6th corners trying to cover NFL wrs they will get killed all season long if this happens. Victor Cruz had some bad games last year but he should rebound and hopefully kill drive calls more plays for Nicks and Osi and Tuck come to play along with JPP and The giants get a win Against the Bucs.

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