Thursday, September 27, 2012

Saints vs Packers

The Saints vs. the Packers
The Packers lost on the controversial call interception touchdown in Seattle and the Saints are now 0-3 after losing in overtime at home to the Chiefs both teams are reeling and 2 of the best qb’s in the game Rodgers and Brees aren’t playing up to their levels yet.
Key Match ups

Jermon Bushrod vs. Clay Matthews
Clay Matthews has gotten off to hot start with 6 sacks in the first 3 games of the season that’s as many as a he had the entire last season he is playing more relentless and is the best defensive player on the packers, it will be up to Bushrod to try to contain him and keep Brees on his feet something that hasn’t happened that much so far this year.
Jimmy Graham vs. Charles Woodson or Morgan Burnett
Jimmy Graham is one of the best if not the best tight end in the league and is a mismatch for any Tight end or safety to cover and is Brees favorite target as he can stretch the field and also is pretty much unstoppable in the red zone it will be up to the crafty future hall of famer Woodson who moved to safety to try and cover Graham he will also get help from Burnett don’t be surprised if they double Graham.
Marques Colston vs. Tramon Williams
Colston has gotten off to a slow start of the season but he is one of the better underrated wr’s in the NFL and the packers secondary will be a great time for him to break out as he will most likely be covered by Tramon Williams who got beaten badly on a double move by Golden Tate on Monday Night don’t be surprised if the physical Colston is able to get into the end zone for the first time against Williams.
Key Match ups
Bryan Bulaga vs. Will Smith
Bulaga had a Monday night he would like to forget he was awful in the first half of the Monday night game was beaten by many of the Seahawks defensive linemen as the packers allowed 8 sacks all in the first half, Will Smith is the saints best pass rusher and if the Saints have any chance of trying to stop Rodgers they need to hit him and hit him a lot.
Jermicheal Finley vs. Roman Harper
Finley is a talented receiving tight end who is pretty much another wr as he is tall and has the speed to beat any linebacker but he has suspect hands at best and he will probably be covered by Roman Harper who is well known to struggle at defending the pass I think the packers will try to expose this match up.
Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson vs. Jabari Greer and Patrick Robinson
The Talented duo of Jennings and Nelson haven’t produced the big plays they were making on a constant basis this year but lucky for them the 2 corners they face up against aren’t anywhere as good as the corners they faced the first 3 games so they might not get the physical coverage they have been getting and can finally use their speed to make plays down the field, If Greer and Robinson want to stop them they must be physical and press them at the line at all times if not Rodgers could have a field game against this secondary.
Packers 34 Saints 31 Both of these qb’s are too good to be struggling for so long so I think this is the game where they both break out and I think green bay’s defense can force turnovers better than the saints’ defense can and that will be the difference in the game.

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