Thursday, September 27, 2012

Panthers vs Falcons

Panthers at Falcons
The Panthers got dominated by the Giants on Thursday night in all aspects of the football. The Falcons went across the country and destroyed the Chargers in their home.
Key Match ups
Steve Smith vs. Asante Samuel
 Samuel has helped the Falcons secondary after being traded for practically nothing. Steve Smith is still an explosive wr and one of the more physical wr’s even though he is one of the smallest players in the league. Asante Samuel has made living jumping routes to get interceptions and will try to bait Cam Newton into throwing him one but his aggressive style of play leaves him vulnerable to letting big plays on the field happen to him.
Greg Olsen vs. Thomas Decoud
 Decoud has been one of the best players in the Falcons secondary so far this year and was a force during the San Diego getting interceptions forcing fumbles and helping shut down Antonio Gates. Olsen is a good receiving tight end and someone Cam will try to rely on since the Falcons will try to take Steve Smith out the game.
Jordan Gross vs. John Abraham
The Panthers oline had trouble with the Giants dline as they were able to get pressure on Cam and able to stop the outside runs of the Panthers, now they will go up against the active sack leader in the NFL in John Abraham and most likely Jordan Gross will be the one who will have to block him.
Key Match ups
Julio Jones VS Josh Norman
The Panthers let Ramsen Barden have a great game on them and Norman was the corner who primarily covered him now he has to cover Julio Jones. Jones had a nice bounce back game after having a disappointing Monday night showing he looks to be steadily improving and Ryan trusts the super athletic 2nd year wr so it should be a long game for Norman.
Michael Turner and Jacquizz Rodgers vs. Jon Beason and Luke Kuechly
Jon Beason and Luke Kuechly the Giants where able to run up the middle at will, this should be a good game for the Falcons to try and establish their running game with Turners and Rodgers. The Panthers are one of the worst tackling teams in the NFL and Beason and Kuechly are 2 of the main culprits and have missed a couple tackles already this season.
Sean Weatherspoon  vs. DeAngelo Williams
 Weatherspoon is turning into one of the best lb.’s in the league with size sped and a good tackle and is always around the ball. DeAngelo Williams had 50 rushing yards against the Giants the Panthers couldn’t get anything on the ground but if Williams can get to the Corner it will be up to Weathersppon to get him before a big run happens
Falcons 34 Panthers 21 I think Cam will have a bounce back game but the Falcons are almost unbeatable at home and Matt Ryan is playing at a very high level right now and I can’t see this panther’s defense being able to stop all of the Falcons Weapons.

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